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Help please! Lend me your eyes

I'm thinking of revising an old story I posted here long ago to see if I can't get it published in some magazine or other (this is called Breaking Into Print). This presents me with a familiar difficulty, which in this case is more acute than usual. I find it impossible to read my own work with the eyes of a first-time reader; I'm on too intimate a basis with my word-offspring to be able to imagine the effect with which they would strike someone who had not actually produced them. Normally this doesn't worry me much, but with this story it poses a specific and crucial question: I have no idea if the ending works. I mean that I simply don't know whether the reader (including the proverbial Astute Reader) is likely to get what happens at the end.

This is where you come in. You can earn my undying thankfulness in three easy steps: click on the link; read the story (it's short, a thousand words); and tell me whether you found the ending perfectly transparent, perfectly opaque, or some degree of translucency in between. (Feel free to tell me anything else too, of course.) That way, once the story is sent out and starts amassing rejection slips, at least I'll know they're probably not due to the rudimentary level of my Theory of Mind.
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