The First Script

What's that "be-bop, be-bop" stuff you're playing?

Assuming there's anything to this "technology" stuff people have been on about lately, clicking on the links below will enable you to virtually attend the concert your correpondent gave at the Berkeley Jazzschool yesterday. "Scrapple from the Apple" is my favorite. (On a couple of these you will hear an additional tenor saxophonist who is not me; but as you, readers, are all persons of taste and discernment it will hardly be necessary to indicate who is who.)

Also some bonus a cappella tracks (the last of which was posted here before):
The First Script


UCB Ling Dept has graciously offered me admission to their PhD program, which I have graciously accepted. The plan worked. Bye bye anthropophagy, hello linguipsticks.
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The First Script

morning limerick

There once was an amateur dervish
Whom spinning made terribly nervish.
  He said, “When I whirl,
  I feel ready to hurl,
But the others all seem quite impervish.”
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The characters wouldn't stop talking, so it weighs in at 11,400 words - much longer than I expected, even after I snipped off part of the last scene to start the next chapter with - but as of ten minutes ago, Chapter One of the nameless novel is now complete.


And now onward...
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The First Script

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A new LJ friendomine says,

I would so, so, so love to find "Erev Ba." It was one of the loveliest Israeli folk melodies I've ever heard, and there are a lot of them.

I must be the least folklore-savvy Israeli on the planet, but you lot know your own heritage, don't you, dammit? Has anyone heard of it?